We can only try to estimate the price for web development service but the final price can only be confirmed after we know your requirements. Below are listed various types of work and their corresponding estimated costs. Please send us a short e-mail with your requirements and we will be more accurate on the price.

We accept Bitcoins (BTC) for the work.

Small online presence

A simple and uncomplicated website that, depending on your preference, would be either coded or built on CMS platform (most likely on WordPress). You will get few pages, including 'Contact us' form.



Multilingual websites

For multilingual setup we recommend Drupal installation. Up to date this software has proven to be the most accurate in providing translations. There is no limit to the number of languages .



Large CMS sites

Larger projects requiring advanced setup and content display. For this we would use industry leading CMS software - Drupal. We set no limit on the number of pages... it's up to you. 



Data migration

Data migration service between two different platforms or any type of data manipulation. We can do this for you. Please contact us with your requirements.


For E-commerce projects we use PrestaShop or Drupal Commerce. Should you wish to have your online store built on another open source software - Open Cart we can do this for you.



Website maintenance

Website maintenance subscription service billed every month. The price will depend on the amount and type of regular tasks involved.